Dental Cleaners

Dental Cleaners

Prevention is the best care

The safe solution for dog and cat oral hygiene. Soft, practical and effective wipes.

Oral Hygiene with Dental Cleaners


Take out a towel and close the package well to keep the humidity inside.


Wrap the towel around your forefinger.


Pass the wrapped finger with the towel on every teeth and gums of your pet.


Carefully wipe the towel even deep into your dog or cat’s mouth.


Take advantage of the entire surface of the towel: during cleaning, move the dirty part and roll the towel again to get the clean part.


At the end of the cleaning throw away the used towel in the undifferentiated waste.

A problem. A solution.

It is known that bad oral hygiene can affect the onset of oral cavity pathologies.

FABRIC with natural fibers designed to help remove plaque and food residues; it does not release lint in the mouth

NO RINSE AND PHYSIOLOGICAL PH – gentle and ph friendly cleaning

DERMO – COMPATIBLE INGREDIENTS with high skin tolerance


FRESH BREATH: the mint aroma refreshes the breath and helps to limit problems of halitosis

DISPOSABLE, to avoid possible bacterial contamination and to guarantee hygienic safety


Protective and refreshing action


Chamomile extract
Soothing and non-irritant properties


natural humectant

Remove tartar in a few minutes!

Daily oral hygiene is very important for prevention. A few minutes a day can be decisive for the well-being of dogs and cats.


Proper and constant cleaning of teeth and gums can be decisive for the well-being of dogs and cats because they reduce the risk of:


up to more serious systemic diseases.

Dental hygiene training: some tips

Train up him when he’s still a puppy
In this way oral hygiene will become absolutely normal for him and he will have no problems with dental cleaning once he becomes an adult.

Start with a gentle massage of the face and lips
Beginning with a massage, as if it were a game and a cuddle, go on to massage his gums and teeth with a finger, better if “flavored” with some tasty food (broth, meat paté…)

Switch to Dental Cleaners
Now you can start using DENTAL CLEANERS wipes by passing them over teeth and gums

Give him lots of cuddles
At the end of the cleaning operation, always try to give him lots of cuddles

Use dry food
Its use in conjunction with regular cleaning will be a good form of prevention for oral and dental diseases

Cuddle who loves you!

A periodic veterinary visit is advisable to assess the need for a tartar removal intervention.

REMEMBER: Veterinarians recommend owners to dedicate the same care to their pet’s teeth as they do to their teeth.

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